Friday, January 27, 2012

William's Parents and Siblings

West Haddon burial record 1840; John and Mary Clarke
William Clarke was the son of John Clarke and Temperance Turland. John and Temperance had seven children, whose names were, in order of oldest to youngest: John (christened 22 June 1834), Ann Maria (christened 10 July 1836), Mary (born in 1839), John (christened 8 August 1841), Mary (29 September 1844), William (26 September 1847) and Thomas (30 June 1850). The first John and Mary died in 1840 within a month of each other (the image on the left shows their burial records). Ann Maria survived and Temperance gave birth to another John and Mary, then to William and Thomas, leaving five children out of seven who grew to adulthood.

All seven of the children in this family were born in West Haddon, Northamptonshire, England and christened in the West Haddon All Saints Church, a building which is still standing today. It even has its own website:

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